The Awkwardness of Social Media

One of my early adopted friends from when I joined Twitter in March 2007 made a comment that has stuck with me all these years. There had been a natural calamity — Earthquake? Typhoon? — and thousands of people had died. (It’s been a loooong time.) In the aftermath of said tragedy, for those of us not affected, we continued on our merry tweeting ways like business as usual.

He was offended. So much so to the point that he actually passively-aggressively tweeted something like: “Please be sensitive to those who were affected by (insert tragedy) and avoid tweeting messages that are not encouraging to them.” Or something like this.

I was taken aback. Granted, Twitter was young and the people we followed in those days felt almost like one’s own exclusive club. But to have an expectation that everyone would collectively commiserate was unfair. I wasn’t callous but neither was I emotionally vested in the tragedy. And even if I was, I would never have expected someone else to change their behavior on a social network on my account.

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HootSuite’s Hootlet Now Has AutoScheduling

Hootsuite Owl

Hootsuite Owl. Whoooo-hooooo-hoooooooo!


I was so excited this morning when I clicked on my Hootlet Chrome Extension to share content. I noticed a new feature, AutoScheduling, in the content window with an invitation to “Try it now!”

Who can say no to that?!

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How to Get the Most Out of Tumblr

I’ve always been an early adopter.

I joined Tumblr in April 2007 before it exploded and became the popular online community it is today. My knack for adopting early and occasionally finding tomorrow’s next big thing stayed at the finding part with Tumblr. Twitter, the other site I joined a month earlier, had won my heart and had become my favorite destination. After several posts, reblogs, and getting a handful of friends to join Tumblr, my tumblelog sadly fell to the wayside and only saw me once in a blue moon.

Tumblr may not be as widely visible as big players Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Pinterest, but it’s grown steadily as the little microblogging site that could with 63.8 million blogs since launching in April 2007. It’s a great place to post what I like to call “bite-size” content.

Thankfully my daughter, who I dragged kicking and screaming onto the site in my footsteps, stayed on and became a Tumblr Staff favorite this year. Her newfound rockstar status prompted me to ask her how to get the most out of Tumblr. She schooled me.

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Social Strategy Talk

I was in DC recently at Grace Covenant Church and got to chit-chat with one of our missionaries. It doesn’t take much to get me on a soapbox and start talking about the power of communications and self-marketing.

Grace came over to “confess” that she needed to get better at social and that she was trying to figure out the best strategy to go about creating a plan that wouldn’t seem like she was promoting herself.

It’s all I needed. The door was opened so I walked right in.

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