About Me

I used to be a big deal on FM radio in Manila when I hosted, produced, and directed daily morning show, “Zach and Joey in the Morning,” on the now defunct 107.5 NU107.

I’m a voiceover artist, freelance writer for hire, and grandma.

I spent my childhood in the Pacific Northwest, my teens, 20s, and 30s in Asia, and my 40s in the South, y’all. I was a single mom for twenty-three years. Two years ago, my daughter married and I’ve been adjusting to life in my empty nest… and having a blast.

This blog is where I talk about how I’m chasing my passions and rediscovering myself. I hope you’re inspired by my failures and successes.

I talk about TV, movies, gadgets, and food on my Tumblr. I used to podcast and will get back to it next year.

And yeah, Mickey and Minnie still make me feel like I’m eight.

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